Word of the Week: Covenant

February 26, 2018

In our Word of the Week today Pastor Nathanael Mayhew defines and describes the word "Covenant" and shows how it is THE theme of Scripture. The word Covenant is used often throughout the Old and New Testaments. It means an agreement usually between two parties that is not to be broken. It describes human agreements like those between individuals or nations, but most often is used to describe the relationship between God and human beings. God makes a covenant with Abram and later the people of Israel. These were two-sided agreements in which God promised something and Abram and the people of Israel promised something. God was faithful, but human beings were not. Israel constantly broke the covenant they had made and worshipped false gods. So God also made a one-sided covenant - a promise which did not depend on human beings. He promised to send a Savior who would deliver sinners from death and the Devil through faith. This unbreakable promise of God to sinners was fulfilled in the person and work of Jesus Christ. Jesus was the Mediator of the new covenant which He secured with His death on Calvary. Through His blood we have redemption! Thanks be to God for His unbreakable Covenant in Christ!


Word of the Week - The Three Omnis

February 20, 2018

In our Word of the Week, Pastor Rob Sauers takes us through a study of the three omnis that we commonly use to describe certain attributes of God. Those words are omnipotence, omniscience, and omnipresence. Our study will consider just a few of the many Scripture passages that establish the fact that our God is all-powerful, all-knowing, and always present. We will also consider why these attributes of God might terrify us as well as why they are a comfort to us. 


Word of the Week - Transfiguration

February 12, 2018

In our Word of the Week, Pastor Mark Tiefel takes us through a study of the word "transfiguration." Most of our churches celebrate this event in Jesus' ministry each year on the last Sunday before the beginning of the Lenten season. The significance of this event is often forgotten about among us, but as we'll see in this study, the transfiguration was a pivotal event in Jesus' ministry. This event demonstrates in a dramatic way who Jesus is, and it also had a lasting effect on the disciples. We pray that this study will help you better to understand and appreciate the significance of this very important event in the Jesus' ministry.


Word of the Week: Denomination

January 31, 2018

In our Word of the Week Pastor Nathanael Mayhew takes us into the word denomination. This is not used in the Bible but something that we should know and understand in our current religious landscape today. A denomination is a group or affiliation of churches that gather together because they share a common belief. Sometimes we call this a synod or a church body. Some people say that they don't go to church at all because there are so many differences between churches and they don't know which one is right. First of all, let's be sure that God's Word is true, and differences between church denominations don't make God's Word false or worthless. The problem which causes denominations is sin and false teaching which God has warned His people about throughout history. Jeremiah, Jesus, Paul and Peter all warn about the danger of false teachers and tell believers to stay away from them. It is because of false teaching that we have so many churches teaching different things today. But God's Truth CAN still be known. We can study His word and compare it with the teachings of different churches to see what is false and what is true. May the LORD bless us through the study of His Word of Truth and lead us to gather with others who believe and teach the same thing!


Word of the Week - Conception

January 23, 2018

In our Word of the Week, Pastor Rob Sauers takes up a study of the word conception. This week marks the 45th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade decision that allowed women to abort their unborn children in our country. Related to this decision is the debate as to when human life begins. Does it begin at conception or sometime later? We, of course, have laws in our country against taking another person’s life. But isn’t that what we’re doing in an abortion? To try to relieve this tension, those who support abortion say that human life does not begin at conception, but rather, either when the fetus could survive outside of the womb or when the child is born.

Does God’s Word have anything to say about this? It most certainly does! Our study will look at those key Scripture passages that deal with this topic, and we will see that God’s Word clearly indicates that life begins at conception.


Word of the Week - Marriage

January 15, 2018

In our Word of the Week, Pastor Mark Tiefel takes us through a study of marriage. Marriage is under attack from many angles in our society today. As Christians, we can get caught up in talking about all of the sins against marriage that we sometimes forget about all of the blessings. As a result, there is a growing trend of people who no longer want to pursue marriage. Our study will remind us of all of the blessings that God intends for us to enjoy in marriage. We pray that this study will help you to see how the Lord intends to bless us through marriage.


Word of the Week - Resolution

January 2, 2018

In this week's Word of the Week, Pastor Mark Tiefel takes us through a study of the word "resolution." This is a word that is commonly used as we begin a new year. The word itself has two main meanings: to make a decision about something or to bring something to completion. We see both of these concepts at the beginning of a new year as we look at the things we want to accomplish or change. As we think about the resolutions we want to make in 2018, we will be encouraged through this study not to lose sight of the resolutions that God has made for us through our Savior Jesus. We pray that knowing what Jesus has done for you will give you a joyful outlook as you look ahead to the new year. 


Word of the Week: VIRGIN BIRTH

December 26, 2017

In our Christmas Day Word of the Week, Pastor Nathanael Mayhew takes a look at the Biblical doctrine of the "Virgin Birth." This doctrine has been doubted and opposed throughout the history of Christianity, but is CLEARLY taught in both the Old and the New Testaments. A close look at the birth accounts recorded in Luke (to Mary) and Matthew (to Joseph) reveal that there was no doubt that the conception of Jesus was a miracle seen in the fact that Mary was indeed a virgin. This is also prophesied in the Old Testament by the prophet Isaiah (7:14). Thanks be to God for His gift of a Savior who was both True God, conceived by the Holy Sprirt and True Man, born of the Virgin Mary! It is this truth that makes Christmas a gift from God!


Word of the Week - Date of Christmas

December 22, 2017

In our Word of the Week this week, Pastor Mark Tiefel takes us through a study of the date of Christmas. We are so used to celebrating Christmas on December 25th that we may not even think twice about whether or not this was the actual date of the Savior's birth. And since our calendar is based on the birth of Jesus, we may assume that Jesus was born exactly 2017 years ago. However, there are many who believe that Jesus was born neither on December 25th nor in the year 0. So when was the Savior born? This study will take us through some of the different theories concerning the year and date of Jesus' birth. We will also consider whether or not one has to know the exact date and year of Jesus' birth in order to properly celebrate Christmas. May the Lord bless our study.


Word of the Week: Nativity

December 11, 2017

Pastor Sam Rodebaugh takes us into the Christmas word "Nativity" and explains some details and misconceptions of the birth of our Savior. In spite of the pictures that we see or the songs that are sung about the first Christmas, many of those images are not factual. What do you think of when you hear the word nativity? What images do you associate with it? The nativity or birth of Jesus is all about the birth of a Savior for all people. We celebrate the truth proclaimed by the Old Testament prophets which describe how the King of Creation was born in very humble circumstances, and He willingly did this out of His great love for you!