Word of the Week: FATHERHOOD

June 12, 2017

On this week as we celebrate Fathers, Pastor Mark Tiefel discusses the importance of Fatherhood in our Word of the Week.  The Bible clearly describes the importance of the role of Father as a leader in the home.  The Book of Proverbs is full of examples of this truth.  Earthly Fathers should imitate our heavenly Father, just as children should give Fathers respect as we give respect to our Father in heaven.  Children should show their Fathers honor, devotion, and willingly learn from them as we should our heavenly Father.  The Bible is also full of negative examples of Fathers who did not set a godly life for their children to follow.  So here are some things Fathers can keep in mind as they strive to lead their families in the training of the Lord.  1) Take time with your family (both your wife and your children). 2) Lead your family in home devotions and prayer.  3) Bring them to church and set a good example of regular church attendance. 4) Be available to your children, talk with them and let them know that you are available for them. 5) Treat your wife with love and respect, so they see that and imitate that in their own marriage.  Thanks be to God that He is our perfect Father in heaven, and may He give earthly Fathers strength to lead their families with the same self sacrificing love.  


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