Word of the Week: FORGIVENESS

April 24, 2017

Pastor Rob Sauers discusses the word "forgiveness" in our word of the week today.  We often think of the emotional response of forgiveness, but the Biblical definition of forgiveness is about a restoration of a relationship through removal of sin.  This is what God has done by sending away or blotting out our sins our transgressions.  God is merciful, but also just.  He cannot simply overlook our sin, His character must remove that sin through the punishing sin by death.  It is in the person of Jesus that we receive that forgiveness as He paid our debt, and we have been restored in our relationship with God.  God's forgiveness sets Christianity apart from the religions of the world.  God has done all that was necessary to restore us to Himself through the death of Christ.  Rejoice in the forgiveness of your sins through Jesus Christ.   


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