Word of the Week: PARENTING

July 24, 2017

Following the holiday of "Parent's Day" yesterday, Pastor Nathanael Mayhew takes a look at the concept of parenting in our Word of the Week.  The word "parenting" will not be found in your Bible, but the concepts surrounding parenting are found from beginning to end of God's Word.  Children are a wonderful gift from the LORD and raising those children that God has given is a serious responisbility and privildge.  As parents our chief goal is to instruct our children.  Yes can and should teach them about reading, writing and arithmetic, but more importantly, we are to teach our children the "Fear of the LORD, which is the beginning of wisdom."  We also are called to discipline our children.  Foolishness is bound into them by nature, and the LORD has given parents the responsibility of disciplining them to teach them what is right and what is wrong.  Finally, the LORD reminds us that as parents we are to serve as an example to our children of what a godly life is, and how Christ has redeemed us from sin and death.  May the LORD give us strength and wisdom in our parenting, that we may raise up godly children who know and fear the LORD!


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