May 19, 2017

Bible Study - James

Today, Pastors Mark Tiefel and Nathanael Mayhew delve into the difficult New Testament letter of James.  Who is the James the wrote this letter?  What is the relationship between works and faith, and how can we reconcile what James write about works with what Paul writes about faith?  How does this letter apply to our lives today and our calling as Christians?  How are we to respond to sin in the our fellow believers and in the world around us?  These are just a few of the questions that they will consider as they dig into this valuable letter. We hope that you will join us!


May 15, 2017

Word of the Week: MOTHERHOOD

In our Word of the Week, Pastor Mark Tiefel takes a Biblical look at the topic of Motherhood.  Through the Old and New Testaments, God gives us a beautiful picture of what He has designed motherhood to be.  While our world continues to rebel against and even reject God's plan for motherhood, God's promise of blessing remains in the calling of mothers.  He has designed the family in a very specific way, with fathers and mothers working together to bring up a new generation who will know and Him and the salvation He has accomplished in Jesus.


May 8, 2017

Word of the Week: HALLOW

In our Word of the Week, Pastor Rob Sauers defines the word “hallow.”  The word hallow is a synonym of the word saint.  We see it in the word “Halloween” which is a shortened form of “All Hallows’ Eve” or “All Saint’s Eve.”  We are probably most familiar with the word “hallow” when we’re praying the Lord’s Prayer.  In the Old Testament, the Hebrew word means to “set apart,” “devote,” “consecrate,” “make holy.” So the word is often used of people or things in connection with the worship of God (See Exodus 29:21 and Exodus 40:9).  Everything that was used in the worship of God in the Old Testament was to be hallowed, sanctified, set apart – and this was meant, in part, to drive home the fact that God alone is holy.

When Jesus teaches His disciples to pray, he begins by saying, “Our Father in heaven, Hallowed be Your name.” (Matthew 6:9). So how do we hallow God’s name? First of all, we hallow God’s name when we preach and teach what God’s Word says in all of it’s truth and purity. Secondly, we hallow God’s name by living a godly life. And so we pray that God would grant that we would hallow His name in all we say and do. 


May 2, 2017

CPR - Stewardship

In this CPR episode, Pastors Neal Radichel and Mark Teifel discuss the topic of Christian stewardship.  Stewardship is how we make use of the gifts and abilities that God gives to each one of us.  God wants us to be good stewards or "caretakers" of all that He has given.  These things are not ours, but the Lord's, and He has entrusted them to us for a time to be used to and for His glory.  They will discuss stewarship in many areas of our lives and in using our time, talents and treasures. 


Apr 24, 2017

Word of the Week: FORGIVENESS

Pastor Rob Sauers discusses the word "forgiveness" in our word of the week today.  We often think of the emotional response of forgiveness, but the Biblical definition of forgiveness is about a restoration of a relationship through removal of sin.  This is what God has done by sending away or blotting out our sins our transgressions.  God is merciful, but also just.  He cannot simply overlook our sin, His character must remove that sin through the punishing sin by death.  It is in the person of Jesus that we receive that forgiveness as He paid our debt, and we have been restored in our relationship with God.  God's forgiveness sets Christianity apart from the religions of the world.  God has done all that was necessary to restore us to Himself through the death of Christ.  Rejoice in the forgiveness of your sins through Jesus Christ.   


Apr 21, 2017

Bible Study - Galatians

This week Pastors Nathanael Mayhew and Mark Tiefel discuss Paul's letter to the Galatians in our Bible study episode.  Only 6 chapters long, this short letter is full of application to our every day lives as Christians.  God's Word has the ultimate purpose of pointing us to Jesus and the salvation He has won for us through His work of justification.  Without this truth we are lost and condemned.  So Paul defends the truth of God's Word and His salvation in Christ and warns of the danger of false teaching which undermines that truth.  Why would we ever give up or set aside the only truth which is able to save us from sin and death?  This truth sets of Jesus sets us free to serve God as a response for all that Christ has done for us.  Join us as we journey through this valuable review of Christian freedom in Christ!


Apr 17, 2017

Word of the Week: RESURRECTION

In the afterglow of the celebration of Jesus' victory over death we take a look at the word "resurrection" on this Easter Monday.  The resurrection of Jesus, while denied and rejected by many, has a great deal of evidence to support it.  1) The resurrection is prophecied in the Old Testament and many places.  Job (19:23-27) refers not only to the resurrection of Jesus, but also our resurrection on the last day.  2) Jesus Himself foretold His own resurrection (Luke 18:31-33) as well as our resurrection from death (John 14:19).  3) The tomb of Jesus was empty.  If Jesus had not risen from the dead, the authorities simply would have had to produce the body of Jesus to remove all doubt.  4) The followers of Jesus boldly proclaimed the resurrection of Jesus, and many gave their lives for that truth.  Who would give their life for a lie?  5) There are examples of other resurrections in the Old Testament (2 Kings 4:18-37), the Ministry of Jesus (Luke 7:11-16; Mark 5:35-42; and John 11), and in the ministry of the apostles (Acts 9:37-42; 20:9-12).  God has given us plenty of evidence to see that the resurrection is true for Jesus, and for us. What hope and comfort is ours in the resurrection of Jesus who died for our sins and was raised for our justification!


Apr 14, 2017

REVIEW: Batman vs. Superman Movie (Good Friday?)

On Good Friday in 2016, the movie Batman vs Superman was released and made quite a stir among Christians.  Why was this movie released on Good Friday?  Tune in to hear Pastors Nathanael Mayhew and Mark Tiefel discuss both the obvious and subtle religious and Christian themes throughout this movie.  In the epic battle between good and evil, who makes the decisions about what is morally right and wrong?  Are both characters presented to be of a Messianic type nature?  What philisophical truths are being made in this film?  Should the Christian even watch it?  These are some of the questions that are tackled in this episode as we review the challenges the Christian faces with modern day messages in movies and medias today.  


Apr 10, 2017

Word of the Week: MAUNDY

As we enter another Holy Week and reflect on all that our Savior endured for our salvation, Pastor Rob Sauers defines the word "Maundy" from "Maundy Thursday".  You may be familiar with this word because it is the name given to the Thursday before Easter, the day when Jesus celebrated the Passover meal with His disciples and instituted the Lord's Supper.  The word "Maundy" comes from the Latin word Mandatum which means commandment. This is taken from the words that Jesus spoke to His disciples on that night, recorded in John 13:34:  "A new commandment I give you, that you love one another." On this night Jesus was giving His followers an example of love, a love that serves rather and desired to be served, an unconditional love, a love which Jesus had for sinners that led Him to the cross.  On this night Jesus also gave His disciples another gift of His love when He instituted the Lord's Supper.  Through this sacrament we have the assurance of the forgiveness of our sins as Jesus says:  "For this is the blood of the new covenant, which is shed for many for the remission of sins." Finally it was on the night of Maundy Thursday that Jesus went with His disciples to the Garden of Gethsemane where He was betrayed, arrested and put on trial.  He willingly went though all this and was crucifed where He suffered the agony of our hell and was forsaken by God for the sins of the world.  Oh, the depth of Jesus' love for sinners! 


Apr 7, 2017

Bible Study - Luke and Holy Week

In our Bible Study today Pastors Rob Sauers and Nathanael Mayhew will be taking a closer look at the Gospel of Luke and his particular perspective of the life of Jesus during Holy Week. Luke was a Gentile who was used by the Holy Spirit to record these events for the benefit of other Gentiles in particular.  One of the major themes in Luke's Gospel is to show that Jesus was the Savior of all people, not just Jews.  He shows how Jesus reaches out to the "less" of Jewish society, as well as foreigners in love and with compassion and forgiveness.  In this study they will look at some of the events of Maundy Thursday and Good Friday that are unique to the Gospel of Luke and which empahasize these themes. In addition they will look at some of the resurrection appearances of Jesus and His ascensionwhich revels the theme of Jesus being the Savior of all and our joy in praising Him for His work of salvation for us.  We hope you will benefit from this deeper look at the passion history of our Lord as recorded in the Gospel of Luke.


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