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Jan 2019

Bible Study: Nahum

Which Old Testament prophet's name meant comfort? Which prophet was sent to the foreign nation of Assyria to announce it's coming destruction at the hand of the LORD? Which prophet had a message which is only three chapters long? The answer: Nahum. Pastor Ben Libby joins Nathanael Mayhew to discuss the unique and yet powerfully applicable message of this less familiar Old Testament prophet. Learn about the history behind the book of Nahum,  the amazing fulfillment of his prophecy against Nineveh, as well as the importance of its message for us today! 

Jan 2019

Bible Study: Habakkuk

Today Pastor Ben Libby joins Neal Radichel to study the Old Testament prophecy of Habakkuk. The prophet Habakkuk is unique in that he brings questions to God about what He is doing with His people and the the peoples around them and God's responses to Habakkuk. It is more personal in nature than the other prophets. Habakkuk's question is "Why?" but he patiently waits to hear the LORD's answer and to be corrected by the LORD. The final chapter is a song of praise, or a prayer of Habakkuk which accepts the LORD's answer and emphasizes the LORD's characteristics of omnipotence, righteous judgment, and salvation. There is much that we can learn from Habakkuk's example in our own lives as we place our confidence in the Lord's will. What a wonderful reminder! 

Jan 2019

Bible Study: Amos

"The LORD roars from Zion, And utters His voice from Jerusalem; The pastures of the shepherds mourn, And the top of Carmel withers." This is the opening verse of the prophet Amos, and it sets the tone for the rest of the message of repentance that God issued against His nation of Northern Israel. Join Pastor Tom Nauman and Ben Libby as they look at the prophetic burden of Amos. God announces His judgment on the people's Idolatry, yet the Gospel light of restoration is found at the end of the book. Amos has a message that relates especially well for us today. Join us for a study into God's Holy Word!

Dec 2018

Bible Study: Micah

Pastors Ben Libby and Nathanael Mayhew dig into the prophecies of Micah in the Old Testament. Micah is familiar because of his prophecy of the location of the birth of the Savior which we hear at this time of year, but outside of that, most people know very little about this minor prophet. Micah lived at the same time as Isaiah, just before the destruction of the nation of Israel and was sent by the Lord to both Israel and Judah, to call them to repentance. He would even see the nation of Israel destroyed by the Assyrians, and would use that as a lesson for the people of Judah. Micah also shows that when a nation rejects the true God (theology) their actions decay (morality). You can have no true morality without true theology. While the main message is one of Law and God's judgment against sin, there is also a message for God's remnant people that He will save them. There is more to this book then the prediction of the birth of Jesus in Bethlehem. It is deep and rich. Join us as we study it!

Dec 2018

Bible Study: Joel

"The Day of the LORD" is near! A coming plague of locusts! Join Pastor Ben Libby and Joe Nauman as they dig into the prophetic words of the Prophet Joel who was sent to God's Old Testament people at a very wicked time in their history. God announces His judgment on their sin, but also offers a message of promise and hope to those who will repent and return to Him. The words of Joel have application in our lives still today as well, because the Day of the LORD is coming for us too!

Nov 2018

Bible Study: Obadiah

Pastor Nathanael Mayhew joins Pastor Ben Libby to dig into the shortest book of the Old Testament, the book of the prophet Obadiah. Obadiah was likely one of the earliest of the literary prophets, and was unique in that he prophesied against a foreign nation. He was sent to proclaim a message of judgment against the nation of Edom, which was a distant relative of the people of Judah (descendants of Esau). The theme of the Day of the LORD is used here and will continue through many of the following prophets. It point to a day of God's judgment upon a specific people or group, but also points us ahead to the day when the LORD will judge the whole earth on the Last Day. That day will be a day of judgment for some and a day of deliverance for others. Join us to learn more about the book of Obadiah!

Oct 2018

Bible Study: Esther

Join Pastors Joe Naumann and Nathanael Mayhew as they dig into the Old Testament book of Esther. This is an interesting book that takes place late in the history of the Old Testament a little over 400 years before the time of Christ. It is set in the capital city of Persia following the Babylonian Captivity. It tells the story of God's work behind the scenes and through the lives of Esther and Mordecai, to preserve His Old Testament people from destruction. In this book we see that God puts people in particular places at important times so that He might use them in carrying out His plan of salvation. While God is never mentioned by name in the book, His fingerprints can be clearly seen in every event described in the book. God is in control! Join us to learn more about the important book of Esther and to grow in your understanding of God's plan of salvation.

Oct 2018

Bible Study: Philemon (Part 2)

Join Pastors Joe Naumann and Ben Libby in the second part of their study of the book of Philemon. Part two builds on the introduction to the book (Part 1) and gets into the book itself. They discuss the loving tone used by Paul in his writing to Philemon regarding his runaway slave. What is the application for us today? It shows us how we are to show love to our fellow believers. Join them for this review of a small but important book which deals with slavery and Christian love. 

Oct 2018

Bible Study: Philemon (Part 1)

Join Pastors Joe Naumann and Ben Libby in this in depth look at Paul's letter to Philemon. This is one of the shortest books in the New Testament, and has been often misused and misunderstood throughout the past 2000 years. In part one of this study we will cover the background for the letter which was written by Paul while he was in prison. In addition they will discuss and explain the topic of slavery which does come up in a study of this letter. Learn what Scripture has to say about slavery and what it doesn't say about slavery. Join us next week for the second part of this study. 

Sep 2018

Bible Study: Leviticus

Pastors Neal Radichel and Nathanael Mayhew discuss the difficult book of Leviticus in the Old Testament. This is one of those books that many people give up trying to read because of all the laws recorded there. But those laws have a purpose. They point us to the problem of our sin, and the need to be reconciled to God. This is something we can't do on our own. Leviticus not only points us to what God desires of us (to be perfect, even as He is perfect), but also reveals His solution to our problem of sin. Through the sacrifices which are outlined in Leviticus we are pointed to the blood of another who would take our place and bear God's just judgment which we deserved. These point to Jesus the coming Savior, the Lamb of God Who takes away the sin of the world. Understanding this gives us a better appreciation and understanding of Leviticus as a whole. May the Holy Spirit bless your study of this book that still has a message for us today!