World Religions: Mormonism

July 13, 2018

Join Pastors Mark Tiefel and Nathanael Mayhew as they review and discuss the history and beliefs of Mormonism. They will discuss Mormonism's very beginning under the strange visions and teachings of Joseph Smith, and its move from the East to the West where they settled in Utah. They will also review some of the uniqe teachings of Mormonism and why it is not a Christian religion. You will learn about visions, angels, polygamy, baptism for the dead, their veiws of God and rejection of Jesus as true God with the Father and the Holy Spirit, as well as much more. Joint us to learn more about your Mormon neighbors in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.


Review - TLH Hymn #429 - Lord, Thee I Love With All My Heart

July 6, 2018

In our review today, Pastors Rob Sauers and Nathanael Mayhew study Hymn #429 from The Lutheran Hymnal: "Lord, Thee I Love With All My Heart." This is a hymn often sung at funerals as it focuses our attention on the nearness of our God in life and in death. As we study this hymn, we will see how God's presence runs through each stanza. We will also see how God's grace is emphasized in each stanza, showing God to be an unending fountain of goodness to us. We pray that this study will comfort you with the knowledge that our Lord is ever near us with His gracious presence.


World Religions: New Age Religions

June 29, 2018

Pastor Mark Tiefel joins Pastor Ben Libby to continue our series on World Religions in a study of New Age Religions. New Age is a term that is used to describe many modern twists on ancient false religions like Hinduism and Buddhism. They generally encourage people to reach enlightenment through some internal journey of meditation. But this is really a dangerous path for sinful human beings. Some of these New Age religions include Theosophy, Hare Krishna, Transendental Meditation, Scientology and more. New Age religions are like junk food - people are attracted to them, but they have no substance and give nothing valuable for your body. Listen to learn the marks of these New Age religions, and how we can respond to these religions from Scripture.  


CPR: The History of the CLC (Interview with Pastor L.W.Schierenbeck)

June 22, 2018

This week we have a special interview that discusses the history and formation of the CLC. The interview was conducted in 2009 by Pastor Paul Teifel Jr. as he interviewed L.W. Schierenbeck for the 50th Anniversary of the CLC. In the interview Pastor Scheirenbeck details the history behind the formation of the CLC going back to the 1950's and the convention actions and inactions regarding the fellowship between the WELS and the LC-MS. He clearly discusses what transpired and why individual left the WELS and ELS to form the Church of the Lutheran Confession (CLC).


Word of the Week: Messiah/Christ

June 18, 2018

In our ongoing series of the Names of Jesus our Word of the Week is Messiah / Christ. These two words are a title more than a name. The word Messiah is from a Hebrew word which means Anointed One, and its Greek equivalent is Christos or Christ. The word points out one who was special or chosen by God for a special purpose. There were three positions that were anointed by God: Prophets, Priests, and Kings. For example, God sent Elijah to anoint Elisha as His prophet. God had Moses anoint Aaron as High Priest. And God sent Samuel to anoint David as King. But the Old Testament foretold another Anointed One who would be Prophet, Priest and King. This anointed one would be the Savior, the Christ. This is none other than Jesus of Nazareth. Peter confessed that Jesus was the Christ, the Son of the Living God. In John 20:31 John says that we are to come to know that "Jesus is the Christ" that we "may have life in His name." The resurrection points to Jesus as the one and only Messiah Who came to deliver us from sin. What a beautiful summary of who Jesus is and what He has done for sinners!  


World Religions: Buddhism

June 15, 2018

Today Pastor Mark Tiefel and Neal Radichel dig into the religion of Buddhism. The founder of Buddhism, Sidharta Gutama was a Hindu who developed Buddhism from Hinduism. Buddhism does away the caste system and offers a "fast track" to Nirvana. Buddhism has the four nobel truths and the nobel eigthfold path. These truths recognize the existence of sin in the world and are based on the law or what we can do to help others or what we would call sanctification. While it is a structrued reliegion it still doesn't have anything to offer. It is empty because it is all based on what man does instead of what God does. This is strikingly different from Christianity. Join us to learn more about Buddhism and how you can witness to a person who is a Buddhist.


CPR: Burner Accounts and Arise and Shine

June 8, 2018

Pastors Ben Libby and Sam Rodebaugh discuss the use (and misuse) of burner accounts in light of a current professional sport owner's troubles. They tell you what a burner account is and get into the application of burner accounts and the dangers of trying to be annynomous. When we are trying to hide, that usually means we are doing something we shouldn't be doing. They also discuss the upcoming Arise and Shine Retreat in Pillager, MN which will be held June 14-17. For more information check out their website ( or Facebook page: Arise and Shine Retreat.


Word of the Week - Savior

June 4, 2018

We are beginning a new series for our Word of the Week. Over the next couple of months, we are going to be focusing in on the various names and titles of Jesus. This week, Pastor Ben Libby takes us through a study of "Savior." A savior is someone who saves either from physical or spiritual enemies. The Judges in the Old Testament were saviors that God would appoint to deliver the people of Israel from their enemies. Later, the kings would fill that role. But these saviors were only types that pointed to the one, true Savior, Jesus Christ. The name Jesus means "Jehovah is salvation" or "Jehovah saves." While the judges and kings saved the people from physical enemies, Jesus came to save people from their sins. 


World Religions: Hinduism

June 1, 2018

Pastors Mark Tiefel and Neal Radichel continue the CPR series on World Religions with a study of Hunduism. Hinduism is the main religion in India, and in other countries in that region of the world. It is one of the main polytheistic religions which believes in "many gods" as opposed to one god as Judaism and Islam. This is a very old religion dating back over 3,000 years with some of the holy writings of Hinduism and the thousands of gods that Hindus believe in. They will explain Hindu terms like Nirvana, Caste System, Reincarnation, Karma, and more. In addition to the explaining the religion, they will also discuss how we as Christians can witness to Hindus.


Word of the Week: Real Presence

May 28, 2018

Pastor Tom Naumann digs into the Biblical definition of the "Real Presence" in our Word of the Week. The Real Presence is the term that is used to describe the Biblical view of the Lord's Supper which teaches that Christ gives His very body with the bread of Holy Communion and His very blook with the wine distributed in Holy Communion. In contrast to this Biblical teaching, other churches teach views like Transubstantiation (Roman Catholic Church) which teaches that the bread and wine become the body and blood of Christ and cease being bread and wine and the view of Representation (Reformed churches) which says that the bread and wine ONLY represent Christ's body and blood. Based on Jesus' clear words in the Gospels and the Apostle Paul's clear teaching in 1 Corinthians 11, we can be sure of the teaching of the Real Presence in the Lord's Supper which is given to us for the forgiveness of our sins!