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Dec 2019

CPR: Signs from God Today

Join Pastors Neal Radichel and Sam Rodebaugh for a discussion about what the Bible has to say about God giving signs to people still today. This is an important topic and one that comes up often in conversations with people in our daily lives. Does God still gives signs to us today? How does a person tell if it is a sign from God? What dangers are there that we should be aware of? These are some of the questions that we will consider in this CPR podcast today. Join us to learn more about what the Bible has to say about ongoing signs and what signs He has given us!

Nov 2019

CPR - Leadership and Submission in Marriage

As a follow up to our Word of the Week series on marriage, join Pastors Ben Libby and Nathanael Mayhew as they discuss the Biblical perspective on the roles God has laid out in marriage and especially what it means to lead and submit within the marriage relationship. Join them as they look at the Bible passages that lay the foundation and present this topic clearly and as the discuss how this is to carried out within the relationship between husband and wife. While the world around us rebels against God's instituted order in marriage, an honest look at Scripture reveals that God's plan is good when we show love for God and love for our spouse.

Oct 2019

CPR: Facebook and Social Media

Pastors Mark Tiefel and Ben Libby discuss issues related to Social Media from a Christian perspective. They highlight many of the pros and cons of social media use and what a Christian should be careful of and the dangers that it poses. This episode will open your eyes to see social media from a different and important perspective, and Lord willing, help you to make better decisions when it comes to it use and/or misuse. Join us for a very important and timely discussion!

Oct 2019

CPR: Church Discipline

Join Pastors Mark Tiefel and Neal Radichel for an in-depth discussion on Church Discipline. They will look at some important Biblical passages and even examples from the Bible, and look at applications of this in the church today. There are many misconceptions regarding this topic, and this study will discuss the importance of carrying out church discipline within Christian congregations out of love for our fellow Christian.

Sep 2019

CPR: Parenting

Join Pastors Nathanael Mayhew and Ben Libby as they take a look at a few positive and negative examples of Christian parenting in the Old and New Testament. They will look at these examples as well as passages that give us direction in our Christian parenting and consider the application of these truths to our lives as Christian parents. Join us for a helpful review of the important responsibility of Christians in their role as parents. 

Sep 2019

CPR: Addressing accusations against Drew Brees and Focus on the Family

Join Pastor Mark Tiefel and Sam Rodebaugh as they discuss a recent video by Quarterback Drew Brees and its relationship with Focus on the Family. They will address misconceptions about Focus on the Family, Sexuality, Conversion Therapy, love and more from a Biblical perspective. Join them to learn about how a Christian should respond to those who call them a bigot or a hater and why it is important to go back to what love really is. They will also talk about what Christianity is all about: It is not about our love for God or others, but the love of God for us.    

Sep 2019

CPR: A discussion about the purpose of church based on a recent article in USA Today

Pastor Sam Rodebaugh joins Pastor Nathanael Mayhew to discuss an article in USA Today by a teenager about the problems with Christianity and the church. We will take a look at how she and others view church and discuss the problem with where they are coming from. We will also discuss the purpose of church and why it is important to be different from the world. Join us for this insightful discussion.

Aug 2019

CPR: The ELCA 2019 Assembly Recap

At the beginning of August the largest Lutheran church body in the United States, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) held their general assembly. Pastors Sam Rodebaugh and Tom Naumann sit down to review and discuss the decisions and actions of this assembly, what these actions mean and why they are important for us to know about.  

Aug 2019

CPR: Textual Criticism

As a follow up to our podcast on English Bible translations, we discuss the topic of textual criticism in this episode. Textual criticism is the art of looking at ancient manuscripts with the goal of reconstructing the original text of a document. We have none of the original manuscripts of the Old or New Testament, but we do have close to 6000 copies of the originals. We will discuss what this means, why it is important, and how it relates to our English translations. Buckle up for this valuable discussion on textual criticism and the text of the Bible. 

Jul 2019

CPR: Bible Translations

Over the past 20 years there has been a boom in the number of English Bible translations that have been made available. Many Christians wonder about the benefits or dangers of some of these translations. Join Rob Sauers and Nathanael Mayhew as they delve into the history of English translations of the Bible and discuss some of the different translation philosophies that are used by these translations. They will talk about the pros and cons of various approaches and even highlight a few common English translations. Join us for this valuable study!