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Nov 2019

Hymn Review: For All the Saints Who From Their Labors Rest

Join Pastors Nathanael Mayhew and Ben Libby on this All Saints' Day review and discuss a very appropriate, familiar and favorite hymn: For all the Saints. They will discuss the author and composer of the text and tune and take a look at the meaning of the words and their Biblical foundation. As we remember the saints who have gone before us on this All Saints' Day what a joy to remember the victory that Christ has won for them and for us through His life, death and resurrection!

Aug 2019

Hymn Review: O God of Mercy, God of Might

What is the relationship between justification and sanctification? This hymn answers that question. Join Pastors Rob Sauers and Nathanael Mayhew as they dig into the theological riches of the Stewardship Hymn: O God of Mercy, God of Might. This hymn correctly points us to who God is and what God has done to redeem us and every sinner. It also points out that knowledge of this precious truth moves the Christian to respond in love to his/her neighbor. This hymn weaves together a host of Biblical passages and narratives to teach us Universal Justification, Stewardship, Christian Love and much more!

Jun 2019

Hymn Review: Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD God Almighty

As we look ahead to Trinity Sunday this weekend Pastor Rob Sauers joins Nathanael Mayhew to dig into the Trinity hymn, Holy, Holy, Holy, LORD God Almighty (Hymn 246 in The Lutheran Hymnal). Learn about the background of the hymnwriter, and the Scriptural foundation for the hymn itself and how it describes the nature of the One and only true God, from His power to His mercy as well as our response to this truth.

Apr 2019

Hymn Review: Jesus, Refuge of the Weary

Pastors Rob Sauers and Nathanael Mayhew take a look at the background and theology of the Lenten hymn penned by Italian reformer Girolamo Savanarola. This is the oldest of the hymn in the Lent section of The Lutheran Hymnal, dating before the time of Luther. It captures the meaning of the crucifixion of Jesus and reflects on how we should react to the suffering and death of Christ for us. Join us for a look at this instructional and reflective "Reformation" hymn on Christ's work for us.

Mar 2019

Book Review: The Screwtape Letters

Is the Devil real? What about devils? Pastors Ben Libby and Nathanael Mayhew take a look at C.S.Lewis's "The Screwtape Letters" which is written from the perspective of a demon teaching a young temper the ropes in leading humans away from God. In the 31 letters, it describes how the devil and his evil cohorts use the things of this life to destroy faith. While it is a work of fiction, Lewis has a good grasp on human nature and gives Christians something to think about in their own lives. This is especially appropriate during Lent as we reflect on the temptation of our Savior and how He endured the devil's temptations in our place. It is an eye-opening and soul-searching read!

Feb 2019

Hymn Review: O Wondrous Type! O Vision Fair!

What is the Transfiguration of Jesus all about? What is the point of that event in the ministry of Jesus and why do we still celebrate it in the church today? Join Pastors Nathanael Mayhew and Rob Sauers to discuss the importance of the festival of Transfiguration which serves as a bridge between Epiphany and Lent, and to look at the Transfiguration Hymn: O Wondrous Type! O Vision Fair! This is one of only a few Transfiguration hymns in the hymnals we use, but powerfully summarizes the importance of the event, both then and for us today! 

Sep 2018

Hymn Review: I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord

This week Nathanael Mayhew joins Neal Radichel for a look at the hymn "I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord" for our Review series. This hymn (#462 in The Lutheran Hymnal) discusses the church. This is appropriately found in the "Communion of Saints" section of the hymnal and brings out the blessings which the LORD bestows upon sinners through His church on earth. We will discuss the background of the hymnwriter, Timothy Dwight who was a very talented American hymnwriter and the grandson of Jonathan Edwards. We will also dig into each of the seven verses of this hymn and look at their meaning and Scriptural foundation. We hope you will listen in and benefit from a deeper appreciation of this wonderful song of praise!

Aug 2018

Anniversary Podcast - 2 years and 200 episodes

Pastors Neal Radichel, Mark Tiefel and Nathanael Mayhew have a round table discussion on the 2 year anniversary of the Burden and Blessing podcast. They reflect on how the project started and how it has changed and developed over the past two years. They discuss the many people who have come on board and assisted both on stage and behind the scenes to make Burden and Blessing what it is today.

It is our prayer that the Biblical content which we offer serves to encourage and strengthen those who listen and always welcome your support, suggestions, and constructive criticism. Soli Deo Gloria!

Aug 2018

Hymn Review: Dear Lord, To Your True Servants Give

Pastor Nathanael Mayhew joins Pastor Neal Radichel to discuss the hymn: Dear Lord, To Your True Servants Give. This hymn is found in both The Lutheran Hymnal (1941) and Worship Supplement 2000 as well as other Lutheran hymnals. It was written by professor W. Gustave Polack who taught Church History and Hymnody at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis until 1950. He was also the chairman of the committee that produced The Lutheran Hymnal for the Synodical Conference in 1941. The hymn is in the Ministry section in both hymnals and has a very mission minded theme. Usually sung for ordinations, installations or the commissioning of missionaries, this hymn is appropriate for the work of service of every Chirstian, since it describes and encourages the work of preaching the Gospel to every creature. Join us for an indepth look at the Scriptrual foundation for this wonderful hymn and the encouragement it offers every Christian in their vocation as a witness of Christ.

Jul 2018

Review - TLH Hymn #429 - Lord, Thee I Love With All My Heart

In our review today, Pastors Rob Sauers and Nathanael Mayhew study Hymn #429 from The Lutheran Hymnal: "Lord, Thee I Love With All My Heart." This is a hymn often sung at funerals as it focuses our attention on the nearness of our God in life and in death. As we study this hymn, we will see how God's presence runs through each stanza. We will also see how God's grace is emphasized in each stanza, showing God to be an unending fountain of goodness to us. We pray that this study will comfort you with the knowledge that our Lord is ever near us with His gracious presence.