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May 2022

Skeptics Series | The Disciples Stole Jesus’ Body

One of the most popular arguments against the resurrection of Jesus is that the disciples stole Christ's body out of the tomb. This response to the resurrection was first formulated by the Jewish leaders who executed Jesus. Pastors Neal and Mark take a look at this argument and explain how the Bible thoroughly debunks it in several different areas. In fact, this lie first given by the Jewish leaders actually further substantiates the miracle of the resurrection today. 

Apr 2022

Skeptics Series | Jesus Didn’t Really Die on the Cross (The Swoon Theory)

Our next installment of the Skeptics Series looks directly at the death and resurrection of Jesus. One of the most popular skeptical arguments about Jesus' resurrection is that He never died to begin with, at least not on the cross on Good Friday. Often referred to as the Swoon Theory, this idea proposes that Jesus merely fainted on the cross and revived Himself in the tomb. Pastors Mark and Neal dig into this theory to show how God thoroughly addresses these flimsy claims in His Word. 

Mar 2022

Skeptics Series | Can’t Anyone Claim to be the Messiah?

Pastors Neal and Mark discuss our next installment of the Skeptics Series. In this topic, they dig into a claim by many that Jesus didn't really match the requirements of the Messiah in the Bible. Furthermore, doubt is often cast upon Jesus because of the many of Messianic-like figures in other religions. How can we know for sure that Jesus was sent by God? Join us in this podcast to see how the Word of God answers this question. 

Mar 2022

Skeptics Series | Even Jesus Resisted the Government

It's popular today to think of Jesus as a political activist that came to earth to fight for peoples' rights, especially minorities. In that sense, Jesus takes on the persona of someone who resists those in authority. But when one actually looks at Jesus in the Bible, they see a completely different person. Jesus continually reaffirmed the 4th commandment from the Old Testament, namely that God expects people to obey and respect authorities. Pastors Mark and Neal take us through several examples in the Bible about Jesus respecting authorities and how the modern idea of Jesus as an activist is a myth.  

Mar 2022

Skeptics Series | Why Did God Create Humans if He is Self-Sufficient?

God is perfect and almighty. He has no needs. Why, then, did He create humans, especially when we have caused so much pain and evil in the world? Another question connected to this is: why doesn't God just eradicate all evil once and for all? Pastors Neal Radichel and Mark Tiefel dig into this question and seek to provide solid answers from God's Word.  

Feb 2022

Skeptics Series | If God is Good, Why is There Suffering?

There is difficulty is understanding how God could be all powerful yet still allow evil and suffering to exist. Within this thought is a question about God's love. In this episode, Pastor Neal Radichel and Pastor Mark Tiefel dig into this question and discuss the balance between God's justice and God's love. Though many wrestle with this question, there are solid answers given in God's Word. 

Feb 2022

Skeptics Series | What Makes You Think Christianity is the Only Way to God?

How do we practice our faith as Christians today in a society that advocates for religious plurality? Pastor Neal Radichel and Pastor Mark Tiefel explore this thought in this episode. We see from God's Word what makes Jesus unique not just as a person, but as the Savior of the world. We also see evidence throughout the Bible that points to Jesus as the only way to God. 

Feb 2022

Skeptics Series | He/She was such a good person, why would God let them suffer?

The Skeptic or Skeptical Christian might respond to the loss of a loved one, "He/She was such a good person, why would God let them suffer like that?" Explore the depths of this question today by considering why we can’t always understand God’s timing and bigger picture (Isaiah 55:8-9), how God is always trying to draw a person and family closer to Him (Pro. 3:5-6), and in comparing that temporary suffering to the eternal suffering Jesus endured for us all to give us peace in life and death. We pray the Lord would bring you this peace again today!

Jan 2022

Skeptics Series | Why do people feel a need to believe in God?

Part 1 of the Skeptics Series 

Pastor Mark and Pastor Neal dig into the question of why people feel the need or longing for God. It's part of basic human nature to perceive and commune with the divine. The many religions in the world are an example of the answers that mankind offers satisfy this question. From a skeptical standpoint, many people today see the need to believe in God as a weakness or an outdated notion. However, it's really part of who we are and the Bible describes how God created people with a desire to find out who He is. This question is best answered by the unique gospel of Christ crucified as given to us through the Bible.  

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