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Jan 2020

Word of the Week: Miracle

Join us as we discuss the word miracle and its application to the season of Christmas and the miracle of the virgin birth and the incarnation of our Savior. As Christians we confess our confidence in this miracle every week with the words of the Apostles' or Nicene Creeds. Yes indeed, this miracle is most certainly true!

Dec 2019

Word of the Week: Deity

In our Christmas Word of the Week series we look at the word "deity" which describes something as being God. Throughout history, human beings have created deities to worship and trust in. But the Bible describes these false deities as "idols" who can do nothing. During Advent and Christmas we celebrate the incarnation of the one True God, and proclaim that the Child laid in the manger was more that He appeared. He was what the prophets had foretold: the Mighty God. In Colossians 2:8-9 Paul declares that in Jesus was the whole fullness of deity in bodily form. That God-Man is our Savior -- not what many want, but what we sinners NEED!

Dec 2019

Word of the Week: Angel

As we begin another Advent season we consider the word "angel" - those beings created by God and who serve as His messengers. We will review some of the examples in Scripture where the LORD sends His angels, and for what purpose. We will also look at how the LORD uses them to bring judgment upon the unbelieving and wicked and to protect or defend His own people. Thanks be to God for His powerful messengers who defend and protect us!

Dec 2019

Word of the Week: Judgment

In our word of the Week we consider the word "Judgment". This is especially appropriate at the end of the church year as we consider the "End Times" and the Final Judgment and hear themes related to Judgment Day. True Judgment requires justice, that is a consistent standard that applies to everyone of all time. God has given us this standard in His Law, the Ten Commandments. This condemns us all. But God knows our problem of sin and sent His Son to live as God demanded of us and to pay the debt of our sin which we earned. As a result, God judges Christ in our place and, with the payment being made is able to justify sinners. By faith we received the results of Christ's work for us, and have the hope of everlasting life!  

Nov 2019

Word of the Week: Doctrine

This week we consider the word "doctrine" -- a word which is looked down upon in our society today, but is very important in the life of a Christian. Doctrine means "teaching" and can be "sound" (that is good) or "false" (that which is not true).God gives doctrine in His word, and as Christians we rejoice that God's doctrine doesn't change and it is extremely important for our lives on this earth! For this reason it is something that we should know and also understand!

Nov 2019

Word of the Week: Catechism

Do you know what a Catechism is? Simply, it is a book of instruction. In our word of the week today we will consider the word Catechism and learn why it is such an important tool for the Christian. It covers the basic teachings on the Bible, gathering passages on the same topic into one place so that you can see the big picture, and grow in your knowledge of what God has done. The Catechism is an extremely valuable resource for child and adult alike!

Nov 2019

Word of the Week: Submission / Leadership

In our concluding Word of the Week in our Marriage series, we consider the word "submission" and "leadership." We go back to Ephesians 5 as we consider what God has to say about the roles of husbands and wives in their relationship to one another. The LORD says that husbands are to love their wives with a self sacrificing love, and wives are to respect and submit to their husbands. While this is rebelled against in our world today, this is an important and necessary principle that is needed in the marriage relationship, as it is in many relationships. This does not mean that the husband is better or more important than the wife, but rather about an important established order for the good of the family. 

Nov 2019

Word of the Week: Inspiration

Join Pastor Tom Naumann as he defines the word Inspiration and describes the importance of this doctrine in Christianity. Inspiration expresses the truth that every word of the Bible is true because it comes from God. Literally it means: God breathed. God breathed the very words of Scripture into the writers of the Old and New Testament. Since it is God's Word there can be no errors. It is true, it is clear, and is everything that we need for salvation. 

Oct 2019

Word of the Week: Divorce

Today's word in our marriage series is the word "divorce." We will look at the legal side of this word in both the Old and New Testaments, as well as other words which are translated divorce and their meanings to get a better idea of what divorce is and its relationship to marriage. We will also look at what God has to say about divorce, which is important in a world and society that has little regard of God's blessing of marriage. 

Oct 2019

Word of the Week: Spouse

In our marriage series we consider the word spouse and what it means. We will dig into the root of the word which emphasized a pledge to become someone else's, and other terms that are often associated with it, namely, husband and wife. We will consider what God says about the length of the pledge that is made to one's spouse, and what that pledge involves both for the husband and for the wife. Join us as we dig into God's Word and listen to what he has to say about marriage and to spouses.