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Burden and Blessing Podcast

Jan 2019

Bible Study: Habakkuk

January 18, 2019

Today Pastor Ben Libby joins Neal Radichel to study the Old Testament prophecy of Habakkuk. The prophet Habakkuk is unique in that he brings questions to God about what He is doing with His people and the the peoples around them and God's responses to Habakkuk. It is more personal in nature than the other prophets. Habakkuk's question is "Why?" but he patiently waits to hear the LORD's answer and to be corrected by the LORD. The final chapter is a song of praise, or a prayer of Habakkuk which accepts the LORD's answer and emphasizes the LORD's characteristics of omnipotence, righteous judgment, and salvation. There is much that we can learn from Habakkuk's example in our own lives as we place our confidence in the Lord's will. What a wonderful reminder!