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Burden and Blessing Podcast

Feb 2019

Bible Study: Haggai

February 22, 2019

Pastor Ben Libby joins Pastor Sam Rodebaugh to study the Old Testament book of the Prophet Haggai. Haggai had the changeling task of prophesying to the people of Judah who had just come back from the exile in Babylon. He was sent with the job of taking these people to task over their attitude of apathy and inadequacy, and to get them to "consider their ways". They needed to rebuild God's Temple. While this was a seemingly daunting task, God assures them that He was with them, and they could expect blessings. God does promise earthly blessing to His believers, but even more powerful was the ultimate blessing that He was going to give. He would shake heaven and earth and send forth "The Desire of Nations" (Jesus Christ), and He would fill this new temple with His presence. Join us to learn more about the book of Haggai and the blessings that are promised to His believers!