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Burden and Blessing Podcast

Nov 2018

Bible Study: Obadiah

November 9, 2018

Pastor Nathanael Mayhew joins Pastor Ben Libby to dig into the shortest book of the Old Testament, the book of the prophet Obadiah. Obadiah was likely one of the earliest of the literary prophets, and was unique in that he prophesied against a foreign nation. He was sent to proclaim a message of judgment against the nation of Edom, which was a distant relative of the people of Judah (descendants of Esau). The theme of the Day of the LORD is used here and will continue through many of the following prophets. It point to a day of God's judgment upon a specific people or group, but also points us ahead to the day when the LORD will judge the whole earth on the Last Day. That day will be a day of judgment for some and a day of deliverance for others. Join us to learn more about the book of Obadiah!