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Nov 2016

CPR - The Christian and Voting

November 4, 2016

In this episode of Conservative Pastor Response Pastors Mark Tiefel and Nathanael Mayhew offer some Biblical thoughts and insights into the role of the Christian as citizens and what to consider as we prepare to vote this coming week.  They will talk about why voting is important, and what a Christian should consider when voting.  What political issues should the Christian consider as they think about casing a vote for a particular candidate?  Can a Christian, in good conscience  support or vote for a candidate who is immoral?  They will consider the example of Daniel and Joseph in the Bible and how they remained faithful to God's Word, but also served in a heathen government.  Finally they will look at the Christian's response if the candidate that they vote for is not elected.  Where does our hope finally need to rest?  We hope this will serve as an encouragement to you to get informed, and exercise your right to vote next Tuesday, but also to trust in the LORD regardless of the outcome!