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Mar 2019

CPR - The meaning and value of the season of Lent

March 2, 2019

The Season of Lent begins this year on March 6th on what is known as Ash Wednesday. Since the very earliest years of the Church, Christians have celebrated the resurrection of Jesus. In 325 AD, at the Council of Nicea, a firm date was established for the annual celebration of this important festival. Already during these early centuries, Christians prepared for the Easter celebration with a period of repentance called Lent (which is an Anglo-Saxon word meaning “spring” since it was at that time of the year this took place). In the 700's AD this period of time was set at 40 days (not including Sundays) based on the 40 days Jesus was tempted while in the wilderness at the start of His ministry. Join Pastors Ben Libby and Mark Tiefel as they discuss the focus, importance and meaning of this ancient season of the church year.