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Aug 2018

Hymn Review: Dear Lord, To Your True Servants Give

August 10, 2018

Pastor Nathanael Mayhew joins Pastor Neal Radichel to discuss the hymn: Dear Lord, To Your True Servants Give. This hymn is found in both The Lutheran Hymnal (1941) and Worship Supplement 2000 as well as other Lutheran hymnals. It was written by professor W. Gustave Polack who taught Church History and Hymnody at Concordia Seminary in St. Louis until 1950. He was also the chairman of the committee that produced The Lutheran Hymnal for the Synodical Conference in 1941. The hymn is in the Ministry section in both hymnals and has a very mission minded theme. Usually sung for ordinations, installations or the commissioning of missionaries, this hymn is appropriate for the work of service of every Chirstian, since it describes and encourages the work of preaching the Gospel to every creature. Join us for an indepth look at the Scriptrual foundation for this wonderful hymn and the encouragement it offers every Christian in their vocation as a witness of Christ.