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Apr 2018

Movie Review: The Riot and the Dance

April 6, 2018

This week, Pastor John Hein joins Pastor Nathanael Mayhew to discuss the movie "The Riot and the Dance" which was shown in theaters on March 19th and will be shown again on April 19th. This will be a one time showing in select theaters across the country. This movie is narrataed by Dr. Gordon Wilson and produced by his nephew Nate Wilson, both of New St. Andrew's College in Moscow, Idaho. This is a documentary style film which highlights the wonders of God's creation as well as the chaos of creation as a result of the Fall into sin. It contains animals from Dr. Wilson's backyard and throughout the Pacific Northwest as well as a few animals from more exotic locations. The cinematography is excellent as well as the content, and it gives God the glory. At the end it contains some interviews which include an appearance by Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis. Listen to learn more about the positives and negatives of this film and information which will help you decide if you and your family should see it. Learn more and get tickets at www.riotandthedance.com.