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Burden and Blessing Podcast

Feb 2021

Study of Genesis - Chapters 4-5

February 5, 2021

Our journey through Genesis continues as we move into chapters 4-5 and begin to see the effects of the fall into sin. We will take a look at the account of Cain and Abel and reflect on the importance of faith as a motivation behind our actions and service to the LORD. We will discuss jealousy and the murder of Abel, and will once again take note of the loving approach of the LORD toward his wayward children. We will also reflect on the genius of ancient man as described in Scripture as opposed to the way that ancient man is viewed today, and the importance of all of God's Word (yes that includes the genealogies!). Join Pastors Nathanael Mayhew and Mark Tiefel as they continue though this important book of Genesis and both rediscover and discuss its revealed truths which continue to have a important bearing on our lives today.