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Burden and Blessing Podcast

May 2018

Word of the Week: Atheist / Agnostic

May 23, 2018

In this week's Word of the Week, Pastor Mark Tiefel discusses the terms "atheist" and "agnostic" - two terms that describe a growing group of people in our culture today. One of the fastst growing groups are what are refered to as religious "NONE'S" - those who say that they have no religious affiliation. But the Bible makes it very clear that God exists and that He has described Himself very clearly. So much so that those who reject the existence of God and those who say that He cannot be known are in error. It is foolish to reject the existence of God! God has clearly revealed Himself in His creation, so that they have no exuse to reject Him (Romans 1). God has written His laws on our hearts (Romans 2). This God has sent His Son into the world to save it from sin and death (John 3:17-18). When we reject this truth we bear the full judgment of our sin from a just and holy God. Jesus came to take that judgment upon Himself so that we might be saved through faith in Him.