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Apr 2018

Word of the Week: Four Loves

April 9, 2018

Pastor Mark Tiefel discusses the word love and how it is used and described in the New Testament. Love is a common word, but one that is often difficult to define. In the Greek language used to record the New Testament Scripture, there are four different words for love, three of which are used in the New Testament. The word agape is the most important and common word which describes the love God has for us. It is a committment kind of love based on something that is not deserved. The word phileo describes a friendship kind of love. The third is storge, which is a love of respect or admiration which you might have for a teasher or role model (0nly used 3 times in the N.T.). The final word eros is a romantic kind of love and is not used in the New Testament, but it is descriptive of another aspect of love. In God's gift of marriage we have the ability to express all four of these kinds of love, and each type of love is important to the marriage relationship. Listen to find out how.