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Jan 2019

Word of the Week: Magi

January 14, 2019

Who are the Magi and what do they have to do with Christmas? Pastor Mark Tiefel tells us that the word magi is related to our English word "magic" although it is not like the magic we think of today. The magi or wise men were students of many different subjects and sometimes even had "super"natural abilities. Think of the examples of Joseph or Daniel in the Old Testament and the God-given ability to interpret dreams. In fact the magi may have been influenced by the "ministry" of Daniel in Babylon centuries before who shared the truth of the coming Savior while he was in that foreign land. The magi knew about the coming of the Savior, and seeing His star, traveled many mile to worship the Savior sent by God. The account of the magi reminds us that God's Word is intended to bring hope and comfort to all people, which is one of the main themes of the season of Epiphany.