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Burden and Blessing Podcast

Dec 2018

Word of the Week: Only-Begotten

December 21, 2018

As we prepare to celebrate the birth of the Savior of the World we return to a Name of Jesus: Only Begotten. This term in Greek mean "unique" or "unparalleled" and describes the relationship with another. It is only used 9 times in the New Testament and 5 times to describe Jesus and His relationship with the Father. It is used twice in John 1, twice in John 3 and once in 1 John. There are two important truths that we learn from these references. 1) Because Jesus has this unique relationship with the Father, He is able to be our Savior. 2) We should believe in Jesus because of who He is. Without faith, we are condemned, but through faith we receive the salvation He has come to win. What more important Christmas message is there, than Jesus is the Word, the Only-begotten of the Father who came to deliver us from sin and death? A blessed Christmas to you as we celebrate the birth of Jesus, the only-begotten Son of the Father!