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Oct 2018

Word of the Week: Son of God

October 8, 2018

Nathanael Mayhew digs into a common name for Jesus in the New Testament and also one of the most important, since it was this name that guaranteed Jesus's death. It is the name "Son of God." This is used over 40 times for Jesus in the New Testament. It is the foundation and theme of the Gospel of Mark who begins by calling Jesus the Son of God. Jesus was decarled to be the Son of God by John the Baptizer, Nathanael, Martha, the Ethiopian eunuch, and the disciples as a whole. But what is more striking is that the Roman centurian at Jesus' crucifixion confesses: Truly this was the Son of God!" Even the demons recognized Jesus and called Him the Son of God. Was Jesus just a half god or demi god like Perceus or Hercules in Greek mythology? He was much more than that. Put under oath and asked if He was the Son of God, Jesus said: "It is as you say." For this He was condemned of blasphemy because He made Himself to be God! Jesus is True Man, but also True God, our Savior!