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Burden and Blessing Podcast

Nov 2018

Word of the Week: Transgression

November 21, 2018

Learn more about the word "transgression" in our Word of the Week for this week. The word is used to describe the relationship between God and sinners. In order to better understand what this means it is helpful to know that this describes a person violating the trust of another. It is used to describe nations who break treaties with other nations. This is helpful because the word describes something that shouldn't be. A promise was made but then broken, a trust was violated. That is what man has done to God. Mankind and violated the trust of God going back to the very beginning in the Garden of Eden. We have transgressed against God. But God did not want us to die in our transgression, so He sent Jesus. Jesus bore our transgression, and was completely trustworthy where we were not. Because of the actions of Jesus for us, God forgives our transgressions. What grace! God's grace can only be known through the realization of our transgression and what Jesus did for us.