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Burden and Blessing Podcast

Oct 2018

Word of the Week: Way, Truth, Life

October 1, 2018

Join Pastor Nathanael Mayhew today to look at three more names for Jesus: The Way, The Truth, The Life. Even though many people are put off by the exclusive nature of Christianity, their rejection does not change the truth. Jesus is the only way to heaven. He alone made the sacrifice that God required to pay the debt of our sin and reconcile us to Him. He is also the Life. Jesus gave His life on the cross and then took it again on the third day. By faith in Jesus we have the Life He has won, but without faith in Him, we are condemned. Jesus is also the truth. Unlike the Rabbis of His day, Jesus's word were authortative themselves and He did not need to use other Rabbis to support or give authority to His teaching. His words are truth and they cannot fail. Jesus is the only way, the very Truth, and the Life we so desperately need and long for!