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Aug 2018

World Religions: Darwinism

August 31, 2018

Pastor Neal Radichel joins Nathanael Mayhew to discuss the religion of Darwinism. This religion is based on the "Origin of Species" by Charles Darwin. He presents a view of creation that removes the idea of God and design and replaces it with chance and time and coming from a single common ansestor. Even though this godless religion is promoted and taught in our schools and museums, it has been proven to be false by Darwin's own words. How can we call Darwinism a religion? The definition of religion is: a series of beliefs regarding the origin of the universe. That is exactly what Darwinism is. Darwin presents all life coming from a common ancestor, but the evidence of our world presents an explosion of life all at once which is what the Bible presents. In addition, Darwinism has infiltrated Christianity in what is called Theistic Evolution. Many churches have compromised the truth of God's Word with the teachings of Darwinism, inserting millions and billions of years into the creation account. In the end such a veiw compromises the very truth of the Gospel and the nature of the God of the Bible.