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Burden and Blessing Podcast

Nov 2018

World Religions: Jehovah’s Witnesses

November 1, 2018

Pastor Nathanael Mayhew joins Pastor Mark Tiefel for an in depth look at the Jehovah's Witness organization. They will briefly discuss the history of this group which began in 1884. While many people think that the Jehovah's Witnesses are Christian, we learn that they reject the three foundational truths of Christianity: The Trinity, the Deity of Christ, and Salvation by Grace through Faith in the Atonement of Christ. We also look at the New World Translation of the Bible, which isn't a translation at all, but a deceptive promotion of the false teaching of the Jehovah's Witness organization. Finally they will offer some suggestions about how to witness to a Jehovah's Witness, by directing them to the Gospel of Jesus.