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Mar 2022

Psalm 54 devotion

This short devotion titled "Praising the LORD in the eye of the storm" is based on our study of Psalm 54 on March 18, 2022.

Mar 2022

Bible Study | Psalm 54

In this 15th episode in our chronological study of the Psalms we look at Psalm 54. David is still on the run from Saul, and has an opportunity to kill him, but refuses to (1 Samuel 26). This Psalm alternates between a prayer to the LORD (v.1-3,5b-6) and a confession of his faith in the LORD (v.4-5a,7). It is a prayer for vindication against his enemies, but this request is not based on subjective feelings, but is turned over to the LORD who judges in “truth” or “faithfulness.” What a wonderful example of what our attitude toward others should be in our own lives, which stems from our trust in the LORD's power and righteousness. 

Mar 2022

Skeptics Series | Even Jesus Resisted the Government

It's popular today to think of Jesus as a political activist that came to earth to fight for peoples' rights, especially minorities. In that sense, Jesus takes on the persona of someone who resists those in authority. But when one actually looks at Jesus in the Bible, they see a completely different person. Jesus continually reaffirmed the 4th commandment from the Old Testament, namely that God expects people to obey and respect authorities. Pastors Mark and Neal take us through several examples in the Bible about Jesus respecting authorities and how the modern idea of Jesus as an activist is a myth.  

Mar 2022

Psalm 22 devotion

This short meditation titled "God forsaken" highlights the thoughts of the Psalm 22 study from March 11,, 2022.

Mar 2022

Bible Study | Psalm 22

Psalm 22 is a "Messianic Psalm" which means that it describes the work of the Messiah. By inspiration through the Holy Spirit, David looks 1,000 years into the future to describe the crucifixion of Jesus on Calvary and what it means for sinners. The Gospel writers will quote from Psalm 22 to show how it was fulfilled as they see Jesus crucified for them and for the sins of the world. Join us in this amazing description of the work of Jesus, our Messiah!

Mar 2022

Apostles Series | James the son of Zebedee

As we continue our Apostles Series, we come to one of the apostles who witnessed the greatest events in Jesus' ministry. James was the brother of John, the Apostle, and co-worker with Simon Peter and Andrew. James was also one of the three apostles who were allowed to see unique aspects of Jesus' ministry.

Mar 2022

Psalm 17 devotion

This short meditation captures the devotional thoughts from the Psalm 17 study from March 4, 2022. 

Mar 2022

Bible Study | Psalm 17

The 13th episode in our ongoing series on the book of Psalms.

Psalm 17 is a prayer of David that we might call a prayer of vindication. David is suffering unjustly and looking for justice. Justice from God. His prayer is that the LORD would deliver him and continue to protect him. In the end he acknowledges that the future of the unbelieving world is empty, but that the Christian's hope is true satisfaction with God in heaven. 

Mar 2022

Skeptics Series | Why Did God Create Humans if He is Self-Sufficient?

God is perfect and almighty. He has no needs. Why, then, did He create humans, especially when we have caused so much pain and evil in the world? Another question connected to this is: why doesn't God just eradicate all evil once and for all? Pastors Neal Radichel and Mark Tiefel dig into this question and seek to provide solid answers from God's Word.  

Feb 2022

Psalm 13 devotion

This brief meditation captures the devotional thoughts from the Psalm 13 Bible study from February 27, 2022.

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