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Burden and Blessing Podcast

Feb 2020

Bible Study: 2 Thessalonians

Do you have an interest in eschatology? Every person should! Eschatology is the study of the last things, the day when this world will come to an end and we will all stand before God. We should be interested in the last things so that we can know what will happen, and so we can be prepared for that day. Paul's second letter to the Thessalonians is especially appropriate in this regard, dealing with many aspects of Christ's second coming. Join Pastors Ben Libby and Tom Naumann for an interesting and important overview of 2 Thessalonians and the valuable doctrines discussed in it.  

Feb 2020

Bible Study: Ezekiel

The Old Testament Book of Ezekiel is a hauntingly beautiful book. Join Pastors Tom Naumann and Ben Libby as they look at the pictures and dramatic examples of God's Mercy and Justice which fill the book of Ezekiel. Sometimes, we may feel a bit like this prophet, speaking the Word of God and seemingly no one hears us. This shouldn't discourage us, but rather embolden us to continue speaking the true Word of the LORD. He is the God of Heaven and Earth, and His will is always done. He is almighty and all-powerful, and He will do the things that He has promised! 

Jan 2020

Bible Study: Ephesians

"For by grace you have been saved, through faith, and that not of yourselves; it is the gift of God." This is a message we all know by faith through the Holy Spirit. These great words and the promises that go with them are found in Paul's letter to the Ephesians. This message is the central point of the entire Bible. Because we have been saved by grace through faith in Christ, we can do all kinds of things. We can accomplish good works, live godly lives, and function as God would have us function. He chose YOU from the foundation of the world! There is one faith and hope and God, so let us now put on the whole armor of God and withstand the evil that would try to make forget this great promise. Join Pastors Tom Naumann and Ben Libby for a discussion of Paul's letter to the Ephesians. 

Dec 2019

Bible Study: Jeremiah

Join Pastors Neal Radichel and Nathanael Mayhew for an overview of the Old Testament book of Jeremiah. Learn about the historical background for the work of Jeremiah, who he was and what his message was for the people at that time. Just as important, learn also how the message of Jeremiah applies to us in our lives today. This is a book full of history and application for us today and has much for us to learn from still today. 

Nov 2019

Bible Study: 1 Thessalonians

Are you interested in eschatoloty? That is a study of the "Last Things" or the events of Christ's final return. In our overview of 1 Thessalonians we will see that Paul was already preparing the early New Testament church for Christ's return. He speaks about death, the resurrection, and what we should do as we wait for that day to come, as well as much more that is appropriate for us to consider as we wait for our Savior. Join us for this important review! 

Nov 2019

Bible Study: 2 and 3 John

Join Pastors Ben Libby and Joe Naumann to digs into the short and somewhat unfamiliar Second and Third letters of John. They will discuss the man whom the Holy Spirit used to record these two letters as well as the content of these two letters. They will discuss the topic of the church and the doctrine of fellowship and the relationship between members of the church. These letters present some warnings to the church, as well as some very important encouragement.

Oct 2019

Bible Study: Isaiah and Reformation

Isaiah and the LORD's Reformation - Join Pastor Mayhew and Pastor Radichel as they combine an overview of the prophet Isaiah and compare it to the Reformation at the time of Martin Luther. What thoughts did Isaiah have when Jerusalem was encircled by the overwhelming army of the greatest world power in those days? How would Luther find the courage to stand alone against an Emperor and a Pope? How can you be a part of a Reformation today? Listen in for the answers!

Oct 2019

Bible Study: Romans

Join Pastors Mark Tiefel and Ben Libby as they dig into an overview of Paul's letter to the Romans. This is one of the most doctrinal letters in the New Testament and Paul covers a variety of important topics that were of great value both then and for us today. Learn about the background of this letter as well as many of the individual highlights of this valuable letter. They will even dig into the doctrine of Faith and Works as it is describe in Romans and in the letter of James. This review will lead you to a deeper appreciation of what God has done for YOU! 

Sep 2019

Bible Study: Luke

Join Pastors Ben Libby and Tom Naumann as they uncover the purpose and meaning of the Gospel of Luke which is the third account of the life, death and ministry of Jesus in the New Testament. They will dig into the background of the original writer who was a Gentile, and the purpose behind the writing of this Gospel. They will also look at some of the unique characteristics of the Gospel and how it is distinct from the other Gospels.

Aug 2019

Bible Study: Samuel

Pastors Ben Libby and Nathanael Mayhew dig into the Old Testament history recorded in First and Second Samuel. Review with them the history of God's people as they transition from the period of the Judges and the Theocracy to the period of the Kings and a monarchy. These books were originally one book in Hebrew, but were separated when it was translated into Greek. Even through all of this, the LORD was still in control and worked through the good and the bad of the kings that would follow. We can learn from the failures of even great men of God, who fell into temptation, but God remains faithful and offers forgiveness even for the greatest of sins. These books point us to the Savior who would come from the line of David and establish an eternal kingdom.