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Jul 2019

World Religions: Sikhism

Do you know what sikhism is? In our episode today we will be looking at this last of our eastern non-Christian religions. Sikhism began in India around 1500AD. It was started by a man named Nanak in northwestern India as was a harmonization of Hinduism and Islam. In that part of India there were Hindus and Muslims, and Nanak was familiar with both. Sikhism is a monotheistic religion like Islam, but has a process of reincarnation like Hinduism. Learn more about this interesting religion in this podcast.

Jul 2019

World Religions: Greek gods

You have heard of Zeus, Apollo, Aphrodite, and the other gods of the ancient Greeks. Myths and legends have been built around them for centuries. But their temples have been destroyed, and the Greek religion, while alive in story is really dead in practice. But this ancient Greek religion had an influence on the Romans who would follow them, and is mentioned several times in the Bible as Paul and others worked to proclaim the True God to those who believed in the ancient gods of the Greeks. Join us for a study of these ancient Greek gods, a comparison between this religion and Christianity, and the value of being familiar with this and other false religions (dead or alive) as Christians.

Jun 2019

World Religions: Masonic Lodge

Lodges have been an important part of our history in the United States. Many of the founding fathers of our country were Masons, as are many famous people today. But what does the Masonic Lodge have to do with religion? Is it a religion itself, and if so, in what way? What are the beliefs of Masons? We will be looking at these questions in our continuing study of world religions in our podcast today. Join us to learn more about the Masonic Lodge (and other related lodges) and how they compare to Christianity.

May 2019

World Religions: Shintoism

Pastors Ben Libby and Nathanael Mayhew look into the religion of Shintoism in our ongoing series on World Religions. Shintoism is a religion that originated in Japan but has changed much in over the years of its existence. It has been influenced by other religions like Buddhism and Hinduism. Since the Second World War, Shintoism has become more a cultural experience and drifted from strict religious devotion. While it is less religious than it once was, it still has dangerous concepts which lead people to emptiness and offers no hope for the sinner. Join us to learn more about the dangers of this Eastern religion.  

Mar 2019

World Religions: Satanism

Why would someone worship Satan? That seems like a pretty strange concept to us Christians. But Satanism is an actual religion that is very real. Whether someone is drawn to this religion because of curiosity over the supernatural or merely identifies as a Satanist as a statement against religion entirely, many people are drawn to Satanism. How can we witness to such people? What about demon possession, should we be afraid of something like that happening to us? In this Podcast, Pastors Mark Tiefel and Ben Libby address the topics surrounding Satanism and talk about what the Christian mindset should be when confronted with this religion. Jesus says of Satan, "He was a murderer from the beginning, and does not stand in the truth, because there is no truth in him." (John 8:44)  Even though we once were a part of his kingdom and "once conducted ourselves in the lusts of our flesh", we now have been saved through God's Almighty power and truly are saved by grace through faith (Ephesians 2).

Feb 2019

World Religions: Jainism

Join us for a study of another eastern religion which developed out of Hinduism. Jains only make up about .06% of the world population, but the principles found in Jainism are found regularly in our society today. Pastors Mark Tiefel and Nathanael Mayhew will take you into the history and religious concepts of Jainism, and compare its teachings on matter, atonement and much more with the teachings of Christianity. You will learn about Jainism but also learn how some of the same corrupted ideas of Jainism are taught (falsely) within visible Christianity as well. Go back to the Scriptures with us and learn to spot philosophies and teachings which contradict the Bible and what God's real plan of salvation was from the beginning. 

Jan 2019

World Religions: Scientology

In our study of world religions this week we consider the relatively new religion of Scientology. You have probably heard about this religion through various outlets in the news in recent years. But what does this religion really believe and teach? They claim that they believe in a god, but who is this god? Why has this religion grown to be so popular over the last 30 years? Many celebrities in Hollywood will tell you great things about them, but are they even a religion or are they more of a cult? Tune in to hear Pastor Ben Libby as he joins Pastor Joe Naumann to discuss the teachings of Scientology and the effect it has on our society today! 
Dec 2018

World Religions: Zoroastrianism

At first glace the religion of Zoroastrianism may look similar to Christianity, but as Pastors Mark Tiefel and Nathanael Mayhew will point out, there are some critical differences between the two that make these two as different as night and day. Dating back to the 6th Century B.C. and about the time of the Babylonian Captivity of God's Old Testament people, Zoroastrianism gets its beginning in Persia, or what is now Iran. They point out how Zoroaster draws from some of the polytheistic religions of the area as well as Judaism to develop this new religion featuring Ahura Mazda and the divine center of the religion. Some of the key features which distinguish Zoroastrianism from Christianity are dualism and the means of salvation. They will dig into these differences at length and show how the foundational tenets of Zoroastrianism are alive and well in our world today and are something we as Christians should be familiar with and prepared to answer. Join us for our study!

Nov 2018

World Religions: Taoism

In our study of world religions this week we consider the Eastern religion of Taoism. At first you might think that there is no reason for you to know about Taoism, after all, the chances of you running into an adherent of Taosim is pretty small. But as you will learn in this podcast, the philosophy behind Taoism is prevalent in our world today. In fact, most people are exposed to the philosophical elements associated with Taoism every day. So tune in to hear Pastor Mark Tiefel as he joins Pastor Nathanael Mayhew to discuss the ancient religion of Taoism and it's effect on our society today!

Nov 2018

World Religions: The Religious “Nones”

Join Pastors Mark Tiefel and Nathanael Mayhew for an eye opening look into the fastest growing "religion" in our country - the religious "nones." According to a recent survey by the Pew Forum, nearly a quarter of Americans say that they have no religious affiliation. This number includes those who would consider themselves atheist and agnostic, but this number has doubled in the last decade. While this increase is largest among Millennials, there has been a decrease in religious commitment among every age group. Join us to hear more about who these "nones" are and what they do (and don't) believe, what is behind the growth of this group, and how we can best help them in their search for meaning and for God.  

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